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Course Name

HLTHPS006 Assist clients with medication

Course Cost


Course Delivery
Blended – Self-paced Online Learning + In Person Training

Course Duration
3 Hours (In-person practical & assessment) 

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Medication Administration Course

HLTHPS006 Assist clients with medication equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively provide medication to patients, complete precise medication documentation, and assist clients in self-administering their medication.

By enrolling in this course, you will acquire a diverse range of critical skills in medication administration. These skills encompass verifying care plans, ensuring accurate medication administration, and mastering the proper utilization and maintenance of medication equipment. Additionally, participants will gain firsthand insight into the compassion and dignity required to excel in Sydney’s dynamic healthcare sector.

This course serves as an ideal launchpad for individuals embarking on a rewarding healthcare career journey. It’s also highly valuable for healthcare professionals seeking further growth, NDIS providers, caregivers, and disability workers, as they will greatly benefit from the comprehensive medication administration course.
This all-encompassing medication administration training is designed to prepare individuals for entry-level positions in healthcare services, community services, personal caregiving, and roles as enrolled or registered nurses within Sydney.
At First Aid Courses Sydney, we offer HLTHPS006 Assist clients with medication as a blended delivery course, combining online and hands-on training. Begin your journey to mastering vital medication administration skills by enrolling today.

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Medication Administration Course Overview:

For an investment of $249, our extensive medication administration course equips students with the essential skills, practical experiences, and in-depth knowledge required for responsible medication handling and administration to clients.

Through a combination of self-paced online learning and in-person training, you will address potential medical errors, practice rigorous infection control, navigate complex medication documentation procedures, and become proficient in the utilisation and upkeep of various medication equipment, including webster packs.

Career Opportunities

First Aid Courses Sydney, a registered training organisation, awards the HLTHPS006 Assist clients with medication certification upon successful course completion. You can expect to receive your medication administration certificate within 24 hours of completing the in-person practical training.

With this qualification, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on diverse entry-level healthcare roles, including:

  • Healthcare services
  • Disability services
  • NDIS services
  • Community services
  • Enrolled or registered nurse
  • Personal caregiver

What You'll Learn: Medication Administration Skills & Knowledge

Throughout the medication administration course, you’ll acquire vital knowledge through self-paced online modules. During the practical medication administration training, you’ll master essential real-world skills for safe medication administration. The course concludes with a competency assessment to ensure your proficiency.

Upon course completion, you’ll possess an array of new skills, including:
  • Understanding your responsibilities, including regulations and organisational guidelines for safe medication administration.
  • Preparing medication administration while adhering to stringent infection prevention and control protocols.
  • Familiarising yourself with various medication terminologies, abbreviations, acronyms, and jargon.
  • Identifying different medication types and mastering their specific handling and administration methods.
  • Guiding and supporting clients in self-administering medication accurately.
  • Complete and accurate documentation of medication, including maintaining a medication log.
  • Skillfully using medication facilities and diverse medication equipment.
  • Efficiently managing medication schedules to ensure accurate dosages and timings.
  • Complying with rigorous workplace health and safety standards.
  • Safely storing and replenishing medications as required.
  • Establishing effective medication agreements with clients.
  • Managing medication contingencies, such as outdated medication or adverse patient reactions, through appropriate recording, reporting, and response.
  • Understanding clients’ individual medication needs, and recognizing behavioural or physical changes that might impact their response to medication.
  • Carrying out your duties with confidence, compassion, and precision.
  • Understanding the principles of the 7 rights of medication administration.
  • Properly disposing of medication waste and maintaining cleanliness and organisation of medication equipment.

Course Delivery:

Our medication administration course combines theoretical learning with practical training. Self-paced online modules are followed by a three-hour in-person practical training session. Depending on your pace, you could complete the course in a single day.

The medication administration course is help at the following Sydney First Aid Training venues:
  • Sydney CBD – Castlereagh Boutique Hotel (Hyde Room), Level 5, 169 Castlereagh Street, Sydney
  • Parramatta – Holiday Inn Parramatta, 18-40 Anderson Street, Parramatta

Entry Requirements

There are no academic prerequisites to attend our medication administration course. However, attendees should possess basic literacy and numeracy skills and have the physical capability to interact with clients, operate medication equipment, and appropriately store it after use.

Students will need a computer device with internet access to complete the at-home eLearning and theoretical portions of the training.

Course Fees

The medication administration course requires a single upfront payment of $249.

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Same Day Certification!

Fully Accredited | Same Day Certificates

When you successfully complete our medication administration training you will receive same day certification. While you can expect to receive the actual, physical certificate within a 24 hour period, you’ll be immediately qualified to utilise what you’ve learned. 

The immediate validation of your skills increases students’ confidence in their new knowledge. It also means students are able to apply for jobs in healthcare or progress in their career as soon as possible.