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Why New Parents Need CPR Training

CPR Training for Parents

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Your child is having trouble breathing and you are the only person around. In times like this, your immediate help is what your child needs the most.

The question is… would you know what to do?

I know many parents are reluctant to learn first aid and CPR mainly because they don’t want to confront the idea that one day, they may need to use it on their own children. The thought of your children in an emergency is terrifying, BUT will you wait until that scenario happens in real life before deciding to take actions?

All parents should undergo first aid and CPR training to have basic lifesaving skills up their sleeves. Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere and we never know when those skills will come in handy.

In 2017, Natalie Beale, a mother living in Sydney saw the importance of CPR training in handling emergency situations. The night they came home from the hospital, her daughter Chelsea, who is only 4 days old at that time, began choking then turns pale or bluish.

Natalie’s husband, Richard, immediately called the emergency medical services. While waiting, the emergency call responder told Natalie to immediately start CPR.

“I’d been trained how to do it [CPR], so I knew you had to compress the chest down one-third of the way. For eight minutes we were doing the compressions and it was the longest eight minutes of my life” Natalie said.

“As soon as we started [CPR], the blood must have started pumping around her body, because her color started coming back. She just started breathing before they [the ambulance] got there” she added.

As a parent, you must be prepared to handle situations like Natalie, where she successfully saved her daughter from a life-threating condition.

Time is absolutely precious when dealing with a medical emergency, especially with children. You cannot waste time waiting for paramedics to arrive or look for someone who has skills before you do something. Failure to apply CPR in the first few minutes of the incident can cause your child permanent damage to the brain, or worse, death.

CPR Training will teach you how to properly assess an infant or a child and perform CPR on them. You will learn about the whole CPR process involving chest compressions and mouth to mouth resuscitations or rescue breathing.

These skills are easy to learn but if wrongly administered, your child might be harmed in the process. It is important to get your CPR training from Registered Training Organisations to make sure that the skills you acquire will not do more harm than good.

Knowing what to do in an emergency can mean the difference between the life or death for your loved ones. Don’t regret not learning something that could potentially save a life. I hope that this article sparks interest to all the parents reading this to get yourself a CPR certification.

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