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What You Need to Know About First Aid Training During Lockdown

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During these unprecedented times, many of us feel like the restrictions are constantly changing and affecting our lives. That is why we put together this blog containing handy FAQs on taking first aid training during the lockdown.

Our team at FirstAidPro, along with our students, can leave home to attend essential training. Therefore, we are continuing to provide face-to-face classes, following the government guidelines.

We will address some of the most asked questions from our students.


Can I do a first aid course?

Yes – A publicly held course can be run provided that safety measures are put in place. The continuing ability to provide first training is seen as a priority in many countries, including Australia. First aid is seen as an ‘essential ‘service. Even when some states go into lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19, First Aid courses will generally continue.

This is true for most First Aid Pro training venues. Our booking process and schedule are transparent, making it visible for our students when a course is on or not.

Click here to view our upcoming courses.


What are the Safety Measures in Place?

Everyone’s safety is our utmost priority, so strict health and safety precautions are applied during times like this. This includes the following:

  • Use of Face Masks

All students should wear face masks during the whole duration of the training except when drinking or eating.

  • Social distancing

Our training centres allow 2m distance to be maintained between participants in line with the government guidelines. Trainers and students will remain socially distanced during theory and practical sessions.

  • Smaller class size

We are limiting our participants to a certain number under strict guidelines to avoid unnecessary contact.

  • Disinfecting of classroom and equipment

Each student will be provided with their own personal equipment to use, specifically a manikin. Students are also asked to wash or sanitise their hands before and after a practical exercise. Hand sanitation areas are stationed in every classroom.

We also make sure to do thorough sanitation of surfaces and equipment with antibacterial sprays after every class.


Will there be rescue breaths included in CPR training?

Before COVID-19, rescue breaths are imposed before passing a class. However, rescue breaths will not be required during these times if the student is not comfortable doing it. Do not worry about missing out on anything, as we will still be teaching the rescue breathing theory as part of CPR. It will be conducted through practical demonstrations and videos.

While rescue breathing is currently not being practised or assessed during the training, we strongly advise all students to attend annual refresher training within 12 months or until their certification expires.


Can I refresh my first aid qualification?

Yes – first aid qualifications can be refreshed even during the lockdown. In a refresher course, the original training is simply repeated to recall all topics that may have been forgotten.

The current industry standard requires first aid qualification to be renewed every three years. While the CPR component should be taken annually, generally by attending a nationally recognised course.


Can I do my First Aid Course online?

Some training providers are offering full online first aid courses. However, a complete online course is generally not recommended by training authorities and employers. If you want an accredited course that organisations accept, you can do Blended Learning.

Provide First Aid Online (Blended First Aid Course)

Blended courses provide a much easier way of satisfying the Covid Mitigation requirements while still learning first aid. This mode of learning greatly reduces both the number of people who are in a room at the same time and the length of time they need to spend there.

While theoretical aspects of first aid training can be learned through online training, the practical aspects, particularly the performance of CPR on a manikin, is much more challenging. Blended learning is an approved substitute for full face-to-face courses.

This course is available to book now. Please contact our team to find out more about the Provide First Aid Online course.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live. We understand you have questions on how we make sure our training remains safe and efficient—Health and safety are a primary concern for everyone now more than ever. Our team here at FirstAidPro wants to reassure all students about the comprehensive measures we have taken to safeguard against COVID-19 in our training centres.

If you have any further questions, please email or call 08 8382 4677

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