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Improving Youth Mental Health Through First Aid

Mental Illnesses in youth

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Mental Illnesses in youth often goes undetected and taken for granted, thinking it’s just part of growing up and it will soon pass. Others may call it ‘being a teenager’ but sometimes, it was more than that.

Struggling teens may not even realise that their mental health is at risk. According to psychiatrists, young people don’t possess enough knowledge to recognise their own mental health difficulties. This is where the surrounding adults play an important role in identifying the signs and symptoms of mental illness among the youth.

Dealing with Change

Half of all mental health conditions emerge during youth (12-24 years of age). It usually affects how young people think, feel, behaves and it can cause emotional, functional and physical problems.

Feeling of hopelessness, negative thoughts, numbness, and difficulty concentrating are some of the common symptoms. Constantly experiencing the said symptoms will hinder their ability to perform up to their full potential and may interfere in doing daily tasks. 

What’s normal and What’s not

Being a teenager alone is a difficult phase, what more if you are a teenager with mental illness? It can be difficult to tell whether a teen is having behavioral changes as a part of growing up or it is already showing signs of a mental health disorder.

Mental disorders likely won’t get better on its own — and it may get worse or lead to other problems if untreated. If you know someone and you think they are struggling with something — talk to them. Encourage them to share their thoughts and concerns with their parents, teachers or a healthcare provider.

Never ignore the signs of a potential mental illness. Always take action to get help.

This is why First Aid Pro, with headspace Onkaparinga, launched this Free Youth Mental First Aid Training to discuss the concepts of mental health and how first aid can be used to support teens who are experiencing a crisis.

The Free Mental Health First Aid Course event is about creating connections to the youth in a non-judgmental way. Our goal is to provide emotional and practical support to teenagers who may have or may be developing a mental health issue.

We aim to help them build self-care strategies and raise their awareness of existing mental health conditions. Up until now, mental health carries a lot of stigmas and we hope that by having these kinds of events, we can slowly reduce the negative stereotypes that surround it.  

Got questions? Email us at or call 1300 029 132 and one of our friendly staff will assist you.

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